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London News 8 23 13

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:23 pm    Post subject: London News 8 23 13 Reply with quote

From the London Yahoo Group

BUS NEWS - Week 24/08/13

Members are reminded that this info is published in good faith and from available information. Last minute changes sometimes occur, especially when external factors have an influence.

New TfL Area Publications:

'Continuing Your Journey from Blackfriars' - TFL26550.07.13.
'Continuing Your Journey from Cannon Street & Monument' - TFL26551.07.13.
'Continuing Your Journey from Charing Cross & Embankment' - TFL26327.07.13.
'Continuing Your Journey from London Bridge' - TFL26330.07.13.
'Continuing Your Journey from Piccadilly Circus' - TFL26552.07.13.

`Travel Options from Stratford' - dated June 2013
`Travel Options from Victoria' - TFL26853.07.13.
These are both new `Slimline' multi-fold leaflets. They are a consolidation between the `Continuing Your Journey' leaflets, showing the area map and all the bus stops and letter codes and the `Bus Station Guides', showing a spider map of all the bus routes from those points and first & last bus times. In addition, there is "Rail & Tube services in Inner London" map and details of where to find taxis and minicabs. Personally, I think these are very nice and useful leaflets and I hope that they will be rolled out to other stations.

The Stratford leaflet is in the leaflet rack at the station, but the Victoria ones are more tucked away in the Travel Information Centre and in the `Big Bus' leaflet rack in the Bus Station. Not being obvious at Victoria somewhat defeats the purpose of the leaflet, as nobody knows they exist unless they have need to visit the counter at the Travel Information Centre and are given one, if the clerk thinks it would be appropriate to issue them!

A new `Slimline' multi-fold leaflet: `Art on the Underground' - Labrynth by Mark Wallinger - Public Programme - August to December 2013

A new `Slimline' multi-fold leaflet: `Highbury & Islington Station Escalator Refurbishment Update' - July 2013

A new `Slimline' leaflet from London Overground: `Moving to Oyster' explaining that from 15th September 2013, 7 Day or longer period Travelcards will only be available on Oyster at TfL operated London Overground ticket offices.

Service Changes - 24/08/13
(excluding diversions for roadworks)

Route 8 [Stagecoach East London - BW] - Temporarily withdrawn between Bow and Old Ford and also between Tottenham Court Road Station and Oxford Circus, due to Crossrail works. Temporary timetable introduced.

Route 615 [UNO - Hatfield] - Extended from Stanmore to Canons Corner, from 25/08/13.

Route K1 [Abellio - TF] - PVR +1 to 10 during New Malden diversion. No change to the timetable.

Route K3 [Abellio - TF] - Minor timetable alterations.

New Buses

[Arriva London] - Delivery is still awaited for HV106 from the batch Forty eight new H39/21D Volvo B5LH Wrightbus Gemini hybrid double deckers (HV84-HV131) delivered for route 29 at Wood Green Garage [WN]. HV106 sustained serious fire damage in Ireland and is being rebuilt. All the remaining buses in this batch are in service.

[Arriva the Shires] - Arriva the Shires are receiving 7 refurbished 10.2m B29D Enviro 200s (UW 7580kgs) for the TfL routes operating from Garston Garage [GR], made surplus from route 491at Enfield Garage. They have returned from Hants & Dorset Trim following a complete interior and exterior refurbishment and are at Garston Garage being prepared for service, including the fitting of new white blinds. The refurbished buses are intended for the new contract on routes H18/H19 and will also increase the pvr by 2 on 31/08/13.

3811 - LJ58AVU - body no. 8200/2, ex Arriva London ENL11 - IN SERVICE
3812 - LJ58AVV - body no. 8200/3, ex Arriva London ENL12 - IN SERVICE
3813 - LJ58AVX - body no. 8200/4, ex Arriva London ENL13 - IN SERVICE
3814 - LJ58AVY - body no. 8200/5, ex Arriva London ENL14
3815 - LJ58AVZ - body no. 8200/6, ex Arriva London ENL15 - IN SERVICE
3816 - LJ58AWA - body no. 8200/7, ex Arriva London ENL16
3817 - LJ58AWC - body no. 8200/8, ex Arriva London ENL17 - IN SERVICE

[Go Ahead London] - The two experimental BYD electric single decker buses from China have arrived. The first one has been seen at Hants & Dorset Trim at Eastleigh for service preparation. It is scheduled to operate on routes 507 & 521, but may be some time before it is seen in service.

[Go Ahead London] - Only four of the `New Bus for London' double deckers for route 11 have arrived at Stockwell Garage [SW] and these are for driver training. Route 11 is due to convert (or commence a phased conversion) on 21/09/13:

LT41 - LTZ1041
LT54 - LTZ1054
LT56 - LTZ1056
LT57 - LTZ1057

[London Sovereign] - Delivery continues for 23 new B39/21D Volvo B5LH Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2 HEV hybrid double deckers for the new contract on route 13 commencing on 31/08/13 (UW 11881kgs). Some of these buses will be used for crew training and the remainder will be held in secure store until required. So far, 19 of these buses have been noted on delivery.

VH1 - BD13OHU - body no. AJ386, chassis no. YV3T1R929DA161998 - IN SERVICE
VH2 - BD13OHV - body no. AJ387, chassis no. YV3T1R927DA161997 - IN SERVICE
VH3 - BD13OHW - body no. AJ388, chassis no. YV3T1R928DA162060 - IN SERVICE
VH4 - BD13OHX - body no. AJ389, chassis no. YV3T1R923DA162063 - IN SERVICE
VH5 - BD13OHY - body no. AJ390, chassis no. YV3T1R921DA162062 - IN SERVICE
VH6 - BD13OHZ - body no. AJ391, chassis no. YV3T1R92XDA162061 - IN SERVICE
VH7 - BD13OJA - body no. AJ392, chassis no. YV3T1R922DA162118 - IN SERVICE
VH8 - BD13OJB - body no. AJ393, chassis no. YV3T1R927DA162115 - IN SERVICE
VH9 - BD13OJC - body no. AJ394, chassis no. YV3T1R920DA162117 - IN SERVICE
VH10 - BD13OJE - body no. AJ395, chassis no. YV3T1R929DA162116 - IN SERVICE
VH11 - BD13OHJ - body no. AJ396, chassis no. YV3T1R920DA162232 - delivered
VH12 - BT13YWK - body no. AJ397, chassis no. YV3T1R921DA162241 - IN SERVICE
VH13 - BT13YWL - body no. AJ398, chassis no. YV3T1R923DA162242 - delivered
VH14 - BT13YWN - body no. AJ399, chassis no. YV3T1R927DA162275 - delivered
VH15 - BT13YWJ - body no. AJ400, chassis no. YV3T1R92XDA162240 - delivered
VH16 - BT13YWM - body no. AJ401, chassis no. YV3T1R925DA162274 - delivered
VH17 - BT13YWP - body no. AJ402, chassis no. YV3T1R929DA162469 - delivered
VH18 - BT13YWO - body no. AJ403, chassis no. YV3T1R927DA162468 - delivered
VH19 - BT13YWR - body no. AJ404, chassis no. YV3T1R925DA162470 - delivered
VH20 - BT13YWS - body no. AJ405, chassis no. YV3T1R927DA162471 - delivered
VH21 - BT13YWW - body no. AJ406, chassis no. YV3T1R92XDA162481 - delivered
VH22 - BT13YWU - body no. AJ407, chassis no. YV3T1R921DA162479
VH23 - BT13YWV - body no. AJ408, chassis no. YV3T1R928DA162480

[Metrobus] - Four new Alexander Dennis B25F E20D Enviro 200 single deckers are due for the new contract on route 434 at Croydon Garage [C], commencing on 31/08/13. UW 7098kgs. All buses are registered for service.

189 - YY13VKO - body no. D224/1
190 - YY13VKP - body no. D224/2
191 - YY13VKR - body no. D224/3
192 - YY13VKS - body no. D224/4

[Stagecoach London] - The next batch of Alexander Dennis H41/24D E40D Enviro400 double deckers has started to be delivered and are passing through ADL Harlow before being delivered to Rainham Garage for preparation. UW 11625kgs. Seven are for routes 252 & 365 at Rainham Garage [RM] and a further 12 for route 179 at Leyton Garage [T], all commencing on 28/09/13. It is possible that the first one will be allocated to Bromley Garage [TB] for route 208, but this has yet to be confirmed. Noted so far are:

10164 - SN63JVM - body no. D414/1
10165 - SN63JVO - body no. D414/2
10166 - SN63JVP - body no. D414/3
10167 - SN63JVR - body no. D414/4
10168 - SN63JVT - body no. D414/5
10169 - SN63JVU - body no. D414/6
10170 - SN63JVV - body no. D414/7
10171 - SN63JVW - body no. D414/8
10172 - SN63JVX - body no. D414/9
10173 - SN63JVY - body no. D414/10
10174 - SN63JVZ - body no. D414/11
10175 - SN63JWA - body no. D414/12
10176 - SN63JWC - body no. D414/13

[Stagecoach East London] - Twenty five new B31D Alexander Dennis 10.8m E20D Enviro200 single deckers - 36556-36580 (UW 7782kgs) for the new contracts on routes 165 & 256 from Rainham Garage [RM] commencing on 28/09/13 have been delivered and are all being held in secure store until they are required. None of the allocated LX13 registrations show as being registered, so it is quite possible that these buses will be registered with `63' plates after September 1st. Body numbers D219/1-25.

[Tower Transit] - Delivery is still awaited for WSH62997, the last of 3 B34D 11.9m Wrightbus Pulsar `H' Hydrogen Hybrid single deckers (WSH62996-WSH62998).

Source details from:
Bus News reporting team

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