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London News 6/21/13

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:37 pm    Post subject: London News 6/21/13 Reply with quote

From the London Group

BUS NEWS - Week 22/06/13

Members are reminded that this info is published in good faith and from available information. Last minute changes sometimes occur, especially when external factors have an influence.

First London exits TfL Bus Operations

Routes 9 (heritage) 23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 31, 58, 70, 236, 266, 295, 308, 328, 339, RV1, W14, W15, N26, N28 & N31 transferred from First to Tower Transit. Atlas Road Garage [AS], Lea Interchange Garage [LI] and Westbourne Park Garage [X]transfer to Tower Transit with the routes. No changes to any timetables, except route 58 (see Service Changes).

Routes 18, 83, 92, 95, 187, 195, 206, 207, 223, 224, 226, 228, 245, 282, 331, 427, 487, 607, A10, E1, E3, E5, E7, E9, E10, U1, U2, U3, U4, U5, U10, N18 & N207 transferred from First to Metroline. Alperton Garage [ON], Greenford Garage [G], Hayes Garage [HS], Uxbridge Garage [UX] and Willesden Junction Garage [WJ] transfer to Metroline with the routes. No changes to any timetables.

Routes 193, 368, 498, 608, 646, 648, 652, 656, 667, 679 & 686 transferred from First to Blue Triangle at Rainham Garage [BE]. No changes to any timetables.

In addition, the buses required to run these routes will also transfer to the new operators. Details in LOTS TLB - June (No.586) & July (No.587) editions.

Meanwhile routes 165, 252 & 365 remain with First and will be operated from Dagenham Garage [DM] until their contracts expire after their last day of operation on 27/09/13, when these routes transfer to Stagecoach. Route 179 will also remain with First and will be operated from Dagenham Garage [DM] until the contract expires after the last day of operation on 18/10/13, when this route then transfers to Stagecoach.

It is understood that on Friday night 21/06/13, all the O-Discs on buses at First Garages will be replaced. The garages that Tower Transit are taking over are to receive O-Disks in the name of "Centrewest No 1 Ltd" and those transferring to Metroline will receive O-Disks in the name of "Centrewest No 2 Ltd". On Saturday night 22/06/13, when the temporary company names have been renamed, these O-Disks will be removed and "Tower Transit" O-Disks will replace "Centrewest No 1 Ltd" O-Disks and "Metroline West Ltd" O-Disks will replace "Centrewest No 2 Ltd" O-Disks.

Updated Information

[Arriva London]
DW547 - LJ13CFL - now in service on routes from Tottenham Garage [AR].
HV93 - LJ13FCO - now in service on route 29 from Wood Green Garage [WN].
HV94 - LJ13FCP - now in service on route 29 from Wood Green Garage [WN].
HV95 - LJ13FCU - now in service on route 29 from Wood Green Garage [WN].
HV131 - LJ13FET - now in service on route 29 from Wood Green Garage [WN].

TEH1459 - LK13BHE - now in service on routes from Cricklewood Garage [W]. This is the last of the batch (TEH1449-TE1467) to enter service.

[Stagecoach Selkent]
Still no sign in service, for the one new E20D Enviro 200 delivered to augment the existing fleet single deckers on the new contract for route 386 from Plumstead Garage [PD], which commenced on 01/06/13.

36555 - LX13CYW - body no. D204/1

Service Changes - 22/06/13
(excluding diversions for roadworks)

Route 20 [London General] - Operation transferred from Blue Triangle (Go Ahead London) to London General (Go Ahead London) at Northumberland Park Garage [NP]. No change to timetable.

Route 24 [Metroline - HT] - Converted to H40/22T "New Bus for London" operation. UW 12640 kgs. No change to the timetable. Due to the overlap between the Friday night duties and the Saturday daytime duties, on Saturday 22nd June only, the first NB4L journeys will be HT414 from Hampstead Heath at 06:56 and 07:45 from Pimlico. Due to late delivery, not all the new LTs will initially be available for service, so the five VWH hybrid buses currently running on route 24 will be retained in case they are needed as spares. However, there should be enough new LT buses to run the full on-the-road allocation, the last of which (LT18) was delivered mid week. The registration numbers were affixed mid-week, but were incorrectly spaced (e.g. LTZI 000) and had to be remade and refitted (e.g. LTZ I000). Hopefully iBus & Countdown have been updated correctly, so that the new buses can be found using the "London Vehicle Finder" and temporary vehicle identities like "MLNEWxxx" are not returned from the outset.


LT9 - LTZ1009 - body no. AG965, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX12141009
LT10 - LTZ1010 - body no. AG966, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX12141010 (previously LK13FJE)
LT11 - LTZ1011 - body no. AG967, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX12141011 (previously LK13FJJ)
LT12 - LTZ1012 - body no. AG968, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX12141012 (previously LK13FJF)
LT13 - LTZ1013 - body no. AG969, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX12141013
LT14 - LTZ1014
LT15 - LTZ1015 - body no. AG971, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX12141015
LT16 - LTZ1016 - body no. AG972, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX12141016 (previously LK13FJN)
LT17 - LTZ1017 - body no. AG973, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX12141017
LT18 - LTZ1018 - body no. AG974, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX12141018
LT19 - LTZ1019 - body no. AH586, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141019
LT20 - LTZ1020 - body no. AH587, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141020
LT21 - LTZ1021 - body no. AH588, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141021
LT22 - LTZ1022 - body no. AH589, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141022
LT23 - LTZ1023
LT24 - LTZ1024 - body no. AH591, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141024
LT25 - LTZ1025 - body no. AH592, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141025
LT26 - LTZ1026 - body no. AH593, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141026
LT27 - LTZ1027 - body no. AH594, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141027
LT28 - LTZ1028
LT29 - LTZ1029 - body no. AH765, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141029
LT30 - LTZ1030 - body no. AH766, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141030
LT31 - LTZ1031 - body no. AH767, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141031
LT32 - LTZ1032 - body no. AH768, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141032
LT33 - LTZ1033
LT34 - LTZ1034 - body no. AH770, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141034
LT35 - LTZ1035 - body no. AH771, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141035
LT36 - LTZ1036 - body no. AH772, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141036
LT37 - LTZ1037 - body no. AH773, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141037
LT38 - LTZ1038 - body no. AH774, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141038
LT39 - LTZ1039 - body no. AH775, chassis no. SA9DDRXXX13141039
LT40 - LTZ1040

Route 58 [Tower Transit - LI] - New Friday school day timetable introduced removing the cross-link with route 667. 16 buses on Fridays.

Route 230 [Arriva - AR] - Contract awarded to Arriva London North (from Stagecoach) with 12 cascaded VDL DB300 Wrightbus Gemini existing fleet double deckers from Tottenham garage. New timetable to improve punctuality.

Route 386 [Stagecoach Selkent - PD] - New timetable incorporating revised departure times from Blackheath following cancellation of the planned re-routeing on 1 June.

Route 430 [London General - AF] - Owing to construction works, temporarily revised at South Kensington from 26th June for about 18 months to start and finish journeys in Cromwell Road, Natural History Museum instead of Cromwell Gardens, departing via Queensberry Place and Harrington Road to Old Brompton Road.

Route 573 [Docklands Buses - SI] - Revised to operate as a circular service from North Woolwich via Prince Regent and London City Airport back to North Woolwich.

New TfL Area Publications

New slimline leaflet at Underground stations for, "Tube 150 Comes to Epping Ongar Railway" stating, "As part of Tube 150 celebrations, Metropolitan steam locomotive No 1 and Jubilee Coach No 353 will be visiting the Heritage Railway of the Year".

In addition, a slimline leaflet at Underground stations for, "Epping Ongar Railway - Heritage Railway of the Year" multifold events and train timetable.

New slimline booklet at Underground stations for, "Art on the Underground - 15 for 150", detailing 15 contemporary artists who mark 150 years of the Tube.

New Buses

[Abellio] - Ten new 8.9m B25F Alexander Dennis E20D Enviro 200 single deckers have been delivered for the new contract on route K1 (currently operated by London United) to be operated from Fulwell Garage [TF] from 29/06/2013. UW 7184kgs.

8118 - YX13EHE - body no. C257/1
8119 - YX13EHF - body no. C257/2
8120 - YX13EHG - body no. C257/3
8121 - YX13EHH - body no. C257/4
8122 - YX13EHJ - body no. C257/5
8123 - YX13EHK - body no. C257/6
8124 - YX13EHL - body no. C257/7
8125 - YX13EHM - body no. C257/8
8126 - YX13EHN - body no. C257/9
8127 - YX13EHO - body no. C257/10

[Abellio] - Twelve new 10.8m B31D Alexander Dennis E20D Enviro 200 single deckers have been delivered for the new contract on route K3 (currently operated by London United) to be operated from Fulwell Garage [TF] from 29/06/2013. UW 7873kgs.

8806 - YX13EFM - body no. C258/1
8807 - YX13EFN - body no. C258/2
8808 - YX13EFO - body no. C258/3
8809 - YX13EFP - body no. C258/4
8810 - YX13EFR - body no. C258/5
8811 - YX13EFS - body no. C258/6
8812 - YX13EFT - body no. C258/7
8813 - YX13EFU - body no. C258/8
8814 - YX13EFV - body no. C258/9
8815 - YX13EFW - body no. C258/10
8816 - YX13EFY - body no. C258/11
8817 - YX13EFZ - body no. C258/12

[Arriva London] - Twenty two new H41/24D VDL DB300 Wrightbus Gemini double deckers (DW534-DW555) have been delivered to Tottenham Garage [AR], except DW549 & DW550, which are still awaited.

DW549 - LJ13CDV - body no. AH499
DW550 - LJ13CDX - body no. AH500

[Arriva London] - Forty eight new H39/21D Volvo B5LH Wrightbus Gemini hybrid double deckers are being delivered for route 29 at Wood Green Garage [WN]. UW 11991kgs. The majority of the delivered buses, which are not yet in service are stored at Edmonton Garage [EC].

HV84 - LJ13FDF - body no. AH293 - IN SERVICE
HV85 - LJ13FDG - body no. AH294 - IN SERVICE
HV86 - LJ13FDK - body no. AH295 - IN SERVICE
HV87 - LJ13FDL - body no. AH296 - IN SERVICE
HV88 - LJ13FDM - body no. AH297 - IN SERVICE
HV89 - LJ13FDN - body no. AH298 - IN SERVICE
HV90 - LJ13FDO - body no. AH299 - IN SERVICE
HV91 - LJ13FDP - body no. AH300 - IN SERVICE
HV92 - LJ13FCN - body no. AH301 - IN SERVICE
HV93 - LJ13FCO - body no. AH302 - IN SERVICE
HV94 - LJ13FCP - body no. AH303 - IN SERVICE
HV95 - LJ13FCU - body no. AH304 - IN SERVICE
HV96 - LJ13FCV - body no. AH305 - delivered
HV97 - LJ13FCX - body no. AH306 - delivered
HV98 - LJ13FCY - body no. AH307 - delivered
HV99 - LJ13FCZ - body no. AH308 - delivered
HV100 - LJ13FDA - body no. AH309 - delivered
HV101 - LJ13FDC - body no. AH310 - delivered
HV102 - LJ13FBY - body no. AH311 - delivered
HV103 - LJ13FBZ - body no. AH312 - delivered
HV104 - LJ13FCA - body no. AH313 - delivered
HV105 - LJ13FCC - body no. AH314 - delivered
HV106 - LJ13FCD - FIRE VICTIM at Wrightbus
HV107 - LJ13FCE - body no. AH316
HV108 - LJ13FCF - body no. AH317 - delivered
HV109 - LJ13FCG - body no. AH318
HV110 - LJ13FCL - body no. AH319
HV111 - LJ13FCM - body no. AH320
HV112 - LJ13FBE - body no. AH321
HV113 - LJ13FBF - body no. AH322
HV114 - LJ13FBG - body no. AH323 - delivered
HV115 - LJ13FBK - body no. AH324 - delivered
HV116 - LJ13FBL - body no. AH325 - delivered
HV117 - LJ13FBN - body no. AH326 - delivered
HV118 - LJ13FBO - body no. AH327 - delivered
HV119 - LJ13FBU - body no. AH328 - delivered
HV120 - LJ13FBV
HV121 - LJ13FBX - delivered
HV122 - LJ13FAM - body no. AH854 - IN SERVICE
HV123 - LJ13FAO - body no. AH855 - IN SERVICE
HV124 - LJ13FAU - body no. AH856 - IN SERVICE
HV125 - LJ13FBA - body no. AH857 - IN SERVICE
HV126 - LJ13FBB - body no. AH858 - IN SERVICE
HV127 - LJ13FBC - body no. AH859 - IN SERVICE
HV128 - LJ13FBD - body no. AH860 - IN SERVICE
HV129 - LJ13FEO - body no. AH861 - IN SERVICE
HV130 - LJ13FEP - body no. AH862 - IN SERVICE
HV131 - LJ13FET - body no. AH863 - IN SERVICE

[Arriva London] - Nine new H41/24D Alexander Dennis E40D Enviro400 double decker buses have been delivered for the new contract on route 60 at Croydon Garage [TC] commencing on 31/08/13, with a mixture of new and existing fleet buses. UW 11655kgs. These buses have been delivered very early and are expected to enter service in early July.

T279 - LJ13CHL - body no. D411/1
T280 - LJ13CHN - body no. D411/2
T281 - LJ13CHO - body no. D411/3
T282 - LJ13CHV - body no. D411/4
T283 - LJ13CHX - body no. D411/5
T284 - LJ13CHY - body no. D411/6
T285 - LJ13CGG - body no. D411/7
T286 - LJ13CGK - body no. D411/8
T287 - LJ13CGO - body no. D411/9

[Tower Transit] - A further hydrogen hybrid single decker for route RV1 has been delivered from the last two expected in this batch. This bus is expected into service on 22/06/13.


WSH62997 - delivery awaited
WSH62998 - LJ13JZO - delivered

[Tower Transit] - Ten new H41/24D Alexander Dennis Enviro400 double deckers have now been delivered for the new contract on route 425 from Lea Interchange Garage [LI], commencing on 06/07/13. All the buses are registered for service.

DN33789 - SN13CGY - body no. D403/1
DN33790 - SN13CGZ - body no. D403/2
DN33791 - SN13CHC - body no. D403/3
DN33792 - SN13CHD - body no. D403/4
DN33793 - SN13CHF - body no. D403/5
DN33794 - SN13CHG - body no. D403/6
DN33795 - SN13CHH - body no. D403/7
DN33796 - SN13CHJ - body no. D403/8
DN33797 - SN13CHK - body no. D403/9
DN33798 - SN13CHL - body no. D403/10

Source details from:
Bus News reporting team

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