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NYCT Roster (2003)

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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2007 8:51 pm    Post subject: NYCT Roster (2003) Reply with quote

The following info came from the very fine Cleanairbus website when it was still operational. The amount of supporting information on this roster, I believe, is very detailed and quite good. While 2003 certainly was not long ago, think for a moment about how the NYCT bus fleet has evolved since then.

MTA NYCT Bus Roster


(The rosters on this page are of select buses from the dates shown. Only buses from the current fleet will be mentioned unless you, the transit site fan, help me with it. Thanks for viewing!)

MTA NYCT Bus Roster (1980's-recent)

Current as of 10/6/2003

GMC, TMC, NovaBus
RTS --over 2000 in service--
Note: The 1980-1986 RTS buses were GMC-built, the 1986-1994 RTS buses built by the Transportation Manufacturing Corporation (TMC), and the rest built by NovaBUS, as noted in the roster.

1981-1982 Remanufactured GMC RTS-04
1996-1998 transit #7000-7049
1996-1998 transit #7500-7559
*Note: These buses were remanucactured GMC RTS-04s fro 1982 and are running in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Buses #7000-7049 were rebuilt in-house by NYCT (with #7038-7049 having semi-suburban seating); #7500-7559 were rebuilt by the Midwest Bus Corporation of Illinois. Bus #7000 is in Flatbush Depot, #7001-7037 in Queens Village Depot (except #7017 at Yukon Depot), and #7038-7049 now in 126th Street Depot after serving the express routes in Ulmer Park and Quill. Bus #7004 now has a NEW engine, unheard of with the remanufactureds, more common among the TMC buses being repowered. Buses #7500-7509 are in Flatbush, #7510 at Flatbush, various buses in the #7511-7534 range in Ulmer Park, and #7535-7559 scattered between West Farms and 126th St Depots.

1981 GMC RTS-04 transit 1201-1297, 1318-1658 (NYCTA), 2201-2579 (MaBSTOA)
1981 GMC RTS-04 suburban 1298-1317
*Note: These buses had Detroit Diesel 6V71 engines.

1982 GMC RTS-04 transit 1659-1733 (NYCTA), 2580-2704 (MaBSTOA)
1982 GMC RTS-04 suburban 1734-1858
*Note: These buses had Detroit Diesel 6V92 engines, except buses #1717 and #1721, which got converted to 6V92s. These have first-generation flourescent flip-dot signs.

1983 GMC RTS-04 transit 3001-3325
*Note: Bus #3160 was the first NYCT bus ever to receive a Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine in 1992.

1984-1985 GMC RTS-04 transit 3400-3799, 3900-4219
1984-1985 GMC RTS-04 suburban 3800-3899
*Note: Most of these buses are retired. There are quite a number of these buses left in service. Flatbush has #4116, 4120, 4214-4215, and 4217. Other garages have #3469 (JAM), 4019 (JAM), 3893 (HP), 3809 (MV), 3962 (UP), 3969-3970 (UP), 3972 (UP), 3901, 3941, 3949, and 3959-3960 (YUK).

1986 GMC RTS-06 transit 4300-4599
*Note: These were GMC's last RTS's for New York City Transit. A lot of these are still running. These buses are currently running out of 126th Street, West Farms, Manhattanvile, Fresh Pond, Flatbush, Jamaica, Queens Village, Yukon, Kingsbridge, Hudson Pier, M.J. Quill, and East New York Depots.

1986-1987 TMC RTS-06 transit 4600-4872, 4889-4899
1987 TMC RTS-06 surburban 4873-4888
*Note: These buses were the first buses built by the Transportation Manufacturing Corporation (TMC), which was eventually bought out by NovaBUS. Buses #4873-4888 are TMC suburban RTS buses with two different suburban-style seat types: two-tone blue cushioned pleather (?) seats and cloth grey-and-blue seats. Buses #4854-4859 and 4889-4899 have 2x2 hard seats.

1990-1991 TMC RTS-06 transit 8000-8399
*Note: Bus #8397 was a methanol-powered bus turned hybrid demo that ran in Manhattan for a brief period of time before it was scrapped. Buses #8398 and 8399 were CNG buses that were given to Command Bus Co. when the New Flyer CNGs came in (actually, #8398 was diesel/CNG bus). Nearly all of these buses has been repowered by the MTA. The rest will be done within a year.

1993 TMC RTS-06 transit 8400-8564
*Note: These are similar in design to the 1994 RTS buses that came later on, but these buses have the old Detroit Diesel 6V92 engines. All of these buses have been repowered with a Detroit Diesel DDEC series 50 engine. Bus #8400 is NYPD Police Bus #9598 and looks similar to the 1990 TMCs.

1994 TMC RTS-06 transit 8565-8567, 8600-8703
*Note: With the exception of buses #8565-8566, these buses were the first clean-air diesel transit buses. The interior lights are the first of its kind to be used on TA buses. Buses #8565-8566 are the only two buses of the 85xx series to be made clean-air buses with a Detroit Diesel DDEC series 50 engine. In fact, these two buses were a pilot fleet for the 8600 series buses. Bus #8567 was a CNG bus that was sold to the Command Bus Company.

1995 NovaBUS RTS-06 transit 8750-8751
*Note: Buses #8750-8751 have the same interior lighting as the 86xx series and were first delivered as buses #8751-8752. They were later renumbered #8750-8751. These were the first two buses to receive the new (at the time) MTA New York City Bus stickers.

1996 NovaBUS RTS-06 transit 8752-9249
*Note: Buses #8752-8806 and #8979-9027 have LED tail lamps installed, similar to the 1999 RTS-06 buses. The buses are based out of Manhattanville Depot. Some buses in the 9000s, approximately between 9030 and 9080, were been sent to Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics games; that is the reason that these buses are scattered among several depots, including East New York and Jamaica Depots. Also, buses #9140-9149 have a Cummins M11-E engine.

1996 NovaBUS RTS-06 suburban 9250-9349
*Note: These are suburban RTS's with coach-style or suburban-style seats that are used on Quill, Ulmer Park, Jamaica, and Queens Village Depot local bus routes, since these buses were displaced by MCI Cruisers on the Express (X) routes. Buses #9251-53, 9254, 9257, 9259, 9264, 9273, and 9284 have been converted to hard seats by the NYCTA.

1997-1998 NovaBUS RTS-06 transit 9350-9699, 4901
*Note: Only bus #9350, #9656, #4901, and buses #9352-9524 have vandal-resistant cloth seats. Bus #9624 has a red LED Customer Information Sign; it tells people the date and time. Nearly all of these buses have been repainted as were the 1986-1996 TMC and NovaBUS RTS buses. Bus #9656 has an interesting story: the original bus #9656 was involved in a fire that charred it, a second #9656 was built in 1999 with the license plates of the original #9656. So, the currently-operating #9656 is ACTUALLY a 1999 NovaBUS RTS-06.

1999 NovaBUS RTS-06 transit 4900, 4902-5249
*Note: These have LED destination signs AND LED tail lamps that are brighter, less expensive to replace, thinner, and easier to maintain than the conventional bulb lamps. These buses all have vandal-resistant seats. Buses #5075-5124 have a ZF Ecomat transmission, the rest have the Allison ATEC model. Quite a number of these buses have received a repaint job; all of the rest of them might get the repaint job within the next few months.

2000 NovaBUS RTS-06 transit 6360 HEV
*Note: This bus is a NovaBus RTS Hybrid-Electric bus with an electric motor, generator, Propulsion Control System (PCS), and roof-mounted battery storage packs. It features regenerative braking. #6360 has been in service for a couple of months and will have been the only one of the five to be delivered. This bus has been spotted in Lodi, NJ, at the Detroit Diesel facility. This bus is NOT in service at this time.

Orion Bus Industries
Orion V --840 in service--
1993 suburban 101-172 Express
*Note: These buses, formerly buses #93001-93072, were the MTA's first Orion V's to be built. They have coach-style, or suburban-style, seats, and they are only used on Express bus (X) routes, and on the M30, M98, Q12, Q13, Q15, Q16, Q32, and Q74 lines during rush hours. Nearly all of these buses have been repowered by the MTA recently. Some of these buses were found in the Carlton Avenue scrap yard in Brooklyn. Bus #146 has been converted to hard seats by NYCT.

1993 transit 173-316
*Note: These buses were the MTA's first Orion V transit buses. All 1993 Orion Vs have been repowered with a Detroit Diesel series 50 engine. When delivered, buses #291-294 had already received Detroit Diesel series 50 engines, and #295-297, 299-300 had Cummins C8.3 engines. Bus #244 has Luminator Horizon LED orange destination signs, while #247 has Twin Vision orange LED signs.

1994 transit 317 CNG
*Note: This is the MTA's first Orion CNG bus that was put in service in Brooklyn.

1994 transit 400-401
1995 transit 402-580
*Note: The exhaust pipe on buses #416 and #444 have been moved from the bottom to the top. Speculation is, by the sound of these buses, their engines have also been modified. Buses #402-403 and 405-412 are currently running out of Gun Hill Depot in Co-op City. Bus #404 and #452-456 are in Casey Stengel Depot in Flushing Queens. Buses #413-451 and 457-464 are out of Amsterdam; #465-470 are at Gun Hill Depot; #471-472 and 474-504 are in Castleton Depot in Staten Island, and #505-539 are in Queens Village Depot in Queens. The rest of the fleet is in Casey Stengel Depot in Queens. Bus #522 has a Balios orange LED destination sign. (Also, #473 and 543 are scrapped buses.)

1995 transit 581-610 CNG
*Note: These 31 buses are powered by clean Compressed Natural Gas. They have been operating out of Jackie Gleason Depot in Brooklyn. This, along with bus #317 from 1994, is the CNG pilot fleet; i.e., they are the fleet that is operating in anticipation of purchasing and running more CNG buses. These buses have been repowered recently with Detroit Diesel series 50G engines, in favor of keeping the Cummins L10G engines they originally had.

1995 suburban 611-630 express
*Note: These former Castleton Depot buses have suburban-style seats and are used on Queens Village local routes. Often, these buses can be seen on the Q1-Jamaica Av, Q2-Hollis Av, Q30/Q31, Q43-Hillside Av ,Q75-73rd Av, and Q88-Springfield Blvd/LI Expwy lines. Buses #629-630 are at Casey Stengel Garage.

1996 transit 631-680
*Note: All of these former Yukon Depot buses are in Casey Stengel Depot in Flushing.

1998 transit 6000
*Note: This bus has a Detroi Diesel series 50 engine, LED tail lamps, and vandal-resistant cloth seats.

1999 transit 6001-6349
*Note: Except for buses #6001-6002, these buses have LED destination signage. All of them have LED tail lamps, a Detroit Diesel series 50 engine, and vandal-resistant cloth seats. Buses #6010, 6015, 6035, 6044, 6049, 6075, 6077, 6101, 6120, 6136, 6181, and 6334 have been repainted recently; the rest might get the repaint job within the next few months.

Orion VI --10 in service--
1998 transit 6350-6353
*Note: These hybrid-electric buses were originally part of a NJ Transit bus order, but they declined it and sent the buses to the MTA, purchasing them, with the help of the NY State government and the 1996 Clean Water-Clean Air Bond Act. They have soft cushiony cloth seats, similar to the seats in their (NJ Transit's) RTS buses, LED tail lamps, a small diesel engine above an electric motor, and batteries stored inside the bus' ceiling. They have regenerative braking as well as standard brakes to meet safety standards. Currently, these buses are running out of Manhattanville Depot's eight bus routes; the M2, M3, M4, M5, M18, M60, M101, and M103. Bus #6350 has been repainted to resemble buses #6354-6359.

1999 transit 6354
*Note: This bus was purchased by the MTA and the State Government by the 1996 Bond Act (see 1998 Orion VI above). This bus has vandal-resistant seats and a mostly-white paint scheme, compared to the mostly-black color of the 1998 hybrid buses. Right now, this bus is running out of Mother Clara Hale Depot and can be seen on one of five MCH routes: the M1, M7, Bx19, Bx21, and Bx33.

2000 transit 6355-6359
*Note: (See 1999 Orion VI explanation above.) Currently, buses #6355-6358 are running out of Mother Clara Hale Depot and are in service on all MCH routes. Bus #6359 is still running out of Manhattanville Depot.

Orion VII --60 in service--
2001 transit CNG 7560
*Note: This is only 1 bus out of an order for about 250 compressed natural gas Orion 7s to be assigned to Jackie Gleason (Brooklyn), the new Coliseum(the Bronx), and Manhattanville (Manhattan) depots. (These buses are supposedly to be delivered first.) Currently, the bus has run on the Bx28 since Friday, 2/8/02. This bus has vandal-resistant seats and walls, a low-floor and high-floor area, and new technology (new to MTA New York City Transit) that announces bus stops via a prerecorded announcement system (currently not being used at this time). This bus has made a touring stop in Washington, DC, and a test stop in Austin, TX, and is believed to be at the Oriskany, NY plant. The rest of the CNG order is described below.

2002-2003 transit 7561-7809 CNG
*Note: These buses will be built this year and delivered this year, with the new vandal-resistant seats. They are to be assigned to Jackie Gleason and West Farms (formerly Coliseum) Depots. (These buses are supposedly to be delivered first.) When delivered, Jackie Gleason Depot is supposed to receive the first 95 buses, #7560-7654, with West Farms getting the remaining number, #7655-7809. Currently, buses #7560, 7562-7629, 7631-7633, and 7635-7640 are delivered and at Jackie Gleason Depot; buses #7630 and 7634 are at West Farms, with #7610 temporarily at this garage.

2003-2004 transit 6365-6689(?) HEV
*Note: Expected delivery 4th Quarter 2003. They will have the new vandal-resistant seats and will be assigned to Mother Clara Hale and Queens Village depots. NOTE: Bus #6365 has been tested on the Bx19 and M1 lines and is now back at the Oriskany, NY plant. This order is currently in progress. The order was increased from 125 buses to 325 buses. The next 200 buses are not slated to arrive until 2005 at the earliest. There is also a possibility of 50 more buses tacked on to this order, but no information is yet available.

New Flyer Industries
C40LF --190 in service--
1999 transit 800-856 CNG
*Note: These low-floor buses are powered by Compressed Natural Gas. They have the new vandal-resistant seats. Note: these buses have interior lighting fixtures on the ceiling, unlike the 2000 order below. Bus #801 is a 1998 model.

2000 transit 857-989 CNG
*Note: See 1999 NFI C40LF CNG section above. Also, these buses have the interior lighting under the interior ad spaces, unlike the 1999 order above.

D45S "Viking" Cruiser --3 in service--
1997 suburban 996-998
*Note: These three Viking Cruisers have been tested in 1997-1998 inside Staten Island's Castleton Depot and at the Detroit Diesel maintenance facility in Lodi, NJ. All three of these buses have hit service on the x51 (Flushing-Midtown Express) line out of the Queens Division's Casey Stengel Depot in Flushing, Queens. All three buses have seen periodical service on the x51. These three buses, along with Houston METRO's 104 Vikings, were made in Holland (by Den Oudsten, New Flyer's parent company, before they went out of business) and are the only Vikings ever to be built.

D60 "Galaxy" articulated --470 in service--
1996 transit 1001
*Note: This is the MTA's first articulated bus ever. This bus was first tested on the Bx1-Grand Concourse line in the Bronx. This special bus has a rubber accordion-like midsection where the bus bends in the middle to allow for a tighter turning radius. The maximum seating capacity is 62, and the maximum overall capacity (seats plus standees) is 140. The bus is 60 feet long by 10 feet high by 102" wide. This bus is only used on the busiest crosstown routes in Manhattan (M23, M79, M86) and the M102 line.

1997 transit 1000, 1002-1069
*Note: These buses are the same as the 1996 articulated. (See 1996 NFI D60 explanation above.) These buses are used only on the busy crosstown routes in Manhattan and are starting to see service on the M102 line.

1998 transit 1070-1109
*Note: These buses have LED destination signs. Buses #1106-1109 have cameras in them. These buses, with the exception of buses #1070-1072, which are found in Manhattan, are only used on busy routes in the Bronx.

1999-2000 transit 5250-5509
*Note: These buses have added vandal-resistant seats and, with the exception of buses #5250-5279, and #5280-5309 with vandal-resistant back walls, blue vandal-resistant walls to match the seats. They also have LED destination signs. These buses are only used on busy routes in the Bronx. Bus #5250 first came in as bus #1110 and #5251 as #1111. Bus #5407 has had its engine modified and it engine compartment shaped much like the 2003 articulateds below.

2002 transit 5510-5769
*Note: Delivery in progress. This is the order of 140 buses (5510-5649), increased to 260 buses, to be assigned to 126th Street, Quill, 100th Street, Kingsbridge, and Casey Stengel depots. These buses will have the same features as the 1999-2000 articulateds plus a larger engine compartment and flourescent lighting in the midsection of the bus. Currently, buses #5511-5525 are at Quill, #5526-5596 at 100th St Depot, and #5597-5660 are at 126th St Depot. West Farms is also slated to receive artics if Stengel doesn't get them.

Motor Coach Industries
102DLW3SS/D4500 --570 in service--
1998 102DLW3SS suburban 1860-2039
*Note: These buses are similar to Greyhound buses, but these have wheelchair accessibility via a hidden lift (third window from the front, passenger side, of course) through a door on the side of the bus. These buses are only used on Express bus (X) routes in Staten Island. Only buses #1880-2039 have LED destination signs. Bus #1861 is ACTUALLY a 1997 bus.

1999 102DLW3SS suburban 2040-2139
*Note: See the 1998 MCI 102-DLW3SS explanation. These buses are used only on the Staten Island Express bus (X) routes.

2000 D4500 suburban 2705-2804
*Note: These buses are used only on Staten Island and Brooklyn Express (X) routes. See 1998 MCI 102-DLW3SS explanation.

2001 D4500 suburban 2140-2209 (formerly 2805-2874)
*Note: Delivery complete. See 1998 MCI 102-DLW3SS explanation. These buses are only used on Staten Island and Brooklyn Express bus (X) routes. These buses were formerly buses #2805-2874 before the MTA changed the numbers prior to delivery. Bus #2185 was badly damaged in the WTC collapse and has been restored.

2002 D4500 suburban 2805-2824
*Note: This is the first part of the next order of 120 MCI D4500 Cruisers. This is 20 out of 120 buses listed here. All of these 20 buses are assigned to Yukon. Delivery complete.

2002 D4501 suburban 2825-2924
*Note: Delivery complete. This is the second part of the 120 bus order listed. These buses will go to Casey Stengel (15), Jamaica (15), Castleton (25), Ulmer Park (about 20), and Queens Village (20) Depots. This is a modified version of the D4500 Cruiser. There are a few changes, including a slide door for wheelchair access versus am open-out door on the D4500.

(Note: Credit should go to Trevor Logan, Ray Clendenin, and other members of TransiTALK International, www.transitalk.org, BusTalkers on the BusTalk Message Board @ bustalk.nycsubway.org, and other sources for contributing information.)

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Disclaimer: This is an page full of incomplete bus rosters attempted to be complete to the best of my knowledge. Information pertaining to early buses may not be listed due to lack of knowledge. The information on this page of this site is not 100% accurate and over time may be subject to change or correction. This site is NOT affiliated with any transit authority website or any transit buff site, although some information is obtained from them.

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